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Real Ancient North American History

Written by  on March 21, 2016

The pre-European history of America and Canada has a lot of anomalous evidence in contrast to the history that’s been taught in the history books throughout the centuries. The subject is soo large that all this specific record is indented to do is start the documentation of these disparities between the anomalous evidence and what has been taught in the history books since Europeans arrived and colonized the land.

There are prevailing preconceived notions that the indigenous peoples of America and Canada were primitive, uncivilized, nomadic, had no written language and didn’t have any of the advanced knowledge and technologies the Europeans had. Evidence has been turning up since the beginning of European arrival that has been in stark contradiction to all these notions and assumed facts.

What the majority of history books (taught in schools) have failed to mentioned is that indigenous peoples of the Americas had:
1) over 200,000 well organized and advanced structured cities and mounds throughout the continent (ex. mount builders of Missouri, city of Monks Mound in Cahokia, and many more)
2) well established trade routes, some of which were very long
3) knowledge and technology to smelt metal and fashion metal objects (ex. numerous pre-Columbian metal objects have been found, Mississippian culture copper artifacts)
4) written language
5) numerous giant earthworks throughout the continent that would require immense organization of workers and architectural skills

In addition to this, there are numerous mysterious large dolmens located throughout the Americas and structures that some have suggested are megalithic that would require advanced technologies to erect and lift enormous stones.

Also, diffusionists believe there is compelling evidence suggesting that some of indigenous peoples of America were descendants of ancient Semitic people, with some evidence suggesting a link to the Phoenicians, who are themselves linked to the ancient Assyrian Empire. This evidence consists of numerous objects found with an ancient version of Hebrew written on them, and the fact the many indigenous people have DNA from haplogroup X, where the other primary source of this haplotype originates in the Middle East.

Again this barely scratches the surface of all the evidence that exists.

There is also evidence suggesting in the 1900s that political, bias and racist beliefs drove very early archeological sciences in the Americas to skew and suppress the actual history of indigenous people.

(An artist’s rendition of Cahokia Mounds in 1150 AD. Photo credit: Cahokia Mounds Museum Society and Art Grossman)

Monks Mound
(Monks Mound in Cahokia. Image owner:

Miamisburg Mound
(Miamisburg Mound in Miamisburg, Ohio. Image owner:

The following video found on YouTube goes into excellent detail of the disparities and anomalous evidence that exists of ancient pre-Columbian American history.

(The Lost Civilizations of North America Documentary Trailer: